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We are wanting parents to have a choice with high quality products for their babies. Our bottles are made from brasiliensis hevea rubber and borosilicate hand blown glass the highest quality components that we could source.

In addition to that I want to change the way society looks at baby bottles. There is still a negative context toward bottle feeding that still lingers in our culture. A mothers choice and circumstance should never be under review and the Baby Quoddle I hope leads us in this direction. 

Now with the increased awareness of allergies and childhood illnesses our bottle is an alternative for parents with similar concerns. 

Baby Quoddle teats are softer than silicone, and are very hygienic because they are moulded in one piece without joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. 

The Baby Quoddle is a nursing bottle which means that we encourage parents to sit and cuddle their baby during feeding time. There is much research into the benifits of skin to skin contact and engaging your baby whilst feeding.

Yes our bottle is glass and may break if dropped therefore we only recommed you nurse while feeding. 


Our bottle has been three years in design and development and our first delivery should arrive mid 2016. Please contact me for any further information or enquiries. We are very interested in any wholesale enquiries. 



VISION STATEMENT : To give our babies a natural start with bottlefeeding. 

MISSION STATEMENT : To foster style and choices in urban parenting. 



Founder, Baby Quoddle

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