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Tribal Dreaming brings together intention and symbolism to create eclectic keepsake  jewellery to appeal to a little ones imagination. Through the use of intention and symbolism their jewellery is intended to  empower, provide a sense of safety,  oneness and connection whilst sending a strong message that the child is worthy of something that is high quality and valuable, encouraging a positive self image and allowing their inner light to shine bright.

Living in Queensland, Australia they are constantly inspired by the pulse of nature, their travels and the whimsy, free-spirited playfulness they adore in their own children, their designs are stylish and unique. And being handmade they have a human element which is absent from many children's products available today.

Their creations are more than just a piece of jewellery, they're an act of self love. Little people are to be adorned with treasures worthy of princes and princesses.

With a refreshing spin on baby and children's Amber teething necklaces and traditional  Keepsake jewellery, Tribal Dreaming is the 'go to' label for the whimsy, free spirited wanderlust who wants to stand out from the crowd.

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